The Wife Speaks: Spitz in Eagle Rock

I do exist; Matt does actually have a wife who’s crazy enough to have her vegetable-hating ways publicized on his food blog. I hate cooking so it’s appropriate that my first post here is about a restaurant (insert joke about how the best thing I made is reservations). Prepare yourself for bad photos and even poorer writing.

spitz sign

Spitz is a döner kebab restaurant located in Eagle Rock, a small town near Downtown LA. Döner kebabs are sandwiches/wraps changed for German tastes, starting with a Turkish version of the Greek gyro. When Matt toured Europe a few summers ago, he’d been told to try döners by his cousin who spent many years in Germany; he enjoyed their thin strips of meatloaf-like substance and cheap price (usually less than three Euros).


Located right off the 5 North, Spitz is the result of two Occidental College students who decided they wanted to open a restaurant. We visited yesterday (Saturday) for lunch and found the place the perfect business level: not so slow that they went slow, not so busy you had to wait half an hour for food. We chose to sit at one of the ten or so tables situated outside the small place. Matt ordered the Classic Döner Kebab as a wrap with all the usual trimmings plus a side of sweet potato fries and a soda. I, being the resident veggie-hater, got mine as a sandwhich sans veggies with yogurt and hot sauce on the side (plus spiced fries). I brandished my crappy student ID for the ten-percent student discount.


spitz wrap spitz sandwhich

The food was excellent though somewhat pricier than the German version (okay, so we don’t have döner kebab shops on every corner here). We’d happily make the short trip North some other weekend.


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