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Moving to Northern Virginia

I have been quite remiss in maintaining this blog over the past month. It’s been almost a month since there was a post. My apologies for that. But I have an excuse.

Next week, we’re moving to northern Virginia. Specifically, I took a job in Springfield, VA. One of the primary motives for this move is to be closer to family. My parents live in Maryland and Angela’s live in Florida.

We haven’t decided where to live yet (as of November 13 we’re technically homeless) but we’re thinking about the Alexandria area.  But that’s only speculation at this point.

What does this move mean for this blog?  Not much.  The primary changes will be that my hiatus will probably continue for a few more weeks as we continue to prepare for the move, find a place to live, and then unpack.  On the positive side, there will be more family around which means that we can have more family dinners and I’ll have the opportunity to prepare more elaborate dinners.  Or so I tell myself.

If you have any advice on northern Virginia, I’d love to hear it.